Special Finishes

If you want to make a lasting impression, make sure your printed materials are truly unique. Special finishes can enhance you finished products to make them even more eye-catching. Druckerei Berger guarantees the highest level of professional craftsmanship to turn your products into a high-impact sensory experience.

To create finishes, the surface of the paper is treated with special coatings. In addition to creating versatile visual effects, these finishes also protect the paper fibers from external damage such as scratches or tearing.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer a wide range of different enhancements.

Surface Finishes

To create finishes, the surface of the paper is treated with special coatings. Depending on your preferences, your printed materials can be enhanced with a matte or glossy finish or a lacquered effect for even more impact. Dispersion lacquer, UV lacquer, 3D UV lacquer, or special colors are the most widely used among these. These lacquers can be used to coat the entire surface of the paper, or to highlight certain parts only.

In addition to creating versatile visual effects, like glitter coatings, heat-sensitive finishes, and soft-touch lacquers, these special processes also protect the paper fibers from external damage such as scratches, tearing, or fading in sunlight.


Embossing involves pressing designs into your materials, so that they are visible on both sides of the paper. This special process can be used to create three-dimensional relief effects, for example, one or more layers of embossing, raised stamps, or blind debossing.

Stamping foil or lacquers can also be used to achieve different effects that enhance the way your products catch the light. These processes take your high-quality printed materials to the next level to create a sensory experience that makes a lasting impression.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting allows us to cut out or engrave fine details and intricate shapes. Thanks to modern laser technology, we can perform these ultra-precise cuts on all kinds of different materials. With Laser Cutting, there’s no limit to the imaginative, unique book covers and stunning printed materials you can create.

We also offer attractive unit prices for personalizing small-batch editions. So take your high-quality printed materials a step further, and turn them into visually striking products .

Excellent Surface Finishes

All our processes are held the highest quality standards and require absolute precision. These complex processes require close collaboration between our different departments and form the professional foundation for exceptional print quality. Throughout the entire project, our expert advisers are at your side to quickly adapt to your needs.

Personalized Support from our Experts

Special finishes offer a valuable opportunity to highlight your printed materials and turn them into eye-catching finished products. Our extensive experience and high quality standards make Druckerei Berger a partner you can rely on. Contact us to set up a personal consultation with our experts, anywhere in Austria.

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