Laser cutting is a revolutionary digital laser technology that can be used to cut out or engrave detailed and intricate designs. Create unique designs and turn your printed productions into stunning visual materials with Druckerei Berger as your partner.

Cutting-Edge Laser Finishes

Using ultra-modern laser technology allows us to do away with the expense of manufacturing custom punching tools, which means even small-batch projects can be enhanced with custom designs at a lower unit price.

Druckerei Berger Produktbeispiel Veredelungstechnik

Digital technology also enables us to vary, and even individually customize, the shapes we cut out on each page. With laser cutting, we can achieve the most intricate designs with a tenth-of-a-millimeter precision. Our expert employees can advise about the particular features of this special technique.

Laser cutting can also be used to enhance a wide variety of materials – including wood, plexiglass, or textiles, for example, in addition to paper. There are no limits with laser cutting. From book covers and catalogs to brochures, business cards, and much more products can be enhanced.

Personalized Support from our Experts

Laser-cut finishes turn your printed materials into a high-quality product. Don’t miss an opportunity to highlight your products with a touch of added value. Our extensive experience and high quality standards make Druckerei Berger a partner you can rely on. Contact us to set up a personal consultation with our experts, anywhere in Austria.

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