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With over 400 magazines and journals about all sorts of topics from a wide range of fields, we are the market leader in Austria.

This key area of production is one of our core skills, which is why we consider it to be one of our top priorities. We use sheet-fed offset printing for short-run and medium-run prints; web offset printing is used for publications with a larger readership.

Magazines and journals: a specialty of Berger Printing Services

From peer-reviewed journals to glossy magazines, we have the technical resources to print publications of various lengths and can offer creative formats and covers with a variety of sophisticated finishing options. We will make your wishes and ideas a reality right down to the last detail using cost-optimised industrial production.

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+43 2982 4161-0  Head Office in Horn

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+43 1 313 35-0  Sales Office in Vienna

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The following list provides an overview of our diverse product portfolio, which caters to several industries:

  • General interest magazines
  • Glossy magazines
  • Current affairs and business magazines
  • Television magazines
  • Women’s magazines
  • Men’s magazines and fashion magazines
  • Children’s magazines
  • Puzzle magazines
  • Sports magazines
  • Popular science magazines
  • Arts and culture magazines
  • City magazines
  • A range of journals
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