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The production of these very sophisticated products requires a great deal of experience and diligence during printing and subsequent processing.

As we have been specialising in the production of catalogues and leaflets for generations now, we know all about what this type of printing requires. Click here to find out why Berger in Horn should be your preferred printing specialist

Catalogues and leaflets: one of Berger Printing Services’ specialties

Run length and the type of paper you wish to use dictate whether we produce using sheet-fed or web offset printing. Talk to our experienced specialists in person to find out which option is best suited to your wants and needs.

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The following list provides an overview of our diverse product portfolio, which caters to several industries:

  • Mail-order catalogues
  • Watch catalogues
  • Educational supplies catalogues
  • Catalogues for tourism and travel
  • Image booklets, etc.
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